Scapular GPS
Cara Reeser
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Exactly THE instruction I need to help a client - thank you !
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Thank you Cara Reeser! You have a way with instructing that is so fluid and easy to follow. Just what I needed. =)
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This was such an informative video! You helped put into words things that I know, but have a difficult time explaining to clients. You are so knowledgeable about shoulder anatomy, yet are also able to explain it in an accessible way. Props to you. Thank you for a great video!
It really was a great conversation Thank you Cara
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After watching this excellent tutorial I realized that I do the similar mistakes whilst spinal articulation exercises...this video awakening me for focusing more on the scapula through the exercises...thank you Cara
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Thank you Cara Reeser . it was easy to understand  for client. As a teacher in Thailand I ask my client to "keep the Mango in the basket" ;)
This is great so helpful thank you
So clear and useful and brilliant prep for my scapular awareness class — thank you, Cara
I love this! Thank you! I sometimes get overwhelmed in conversations about about the shoulder blades but this is so clear! 
As always , another informative tutorial. Scapular retraction during the roll over is my favorite takeaway. Definitely using these tips in my classes
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