Creative Wunda Chair
Mariska Breland
Class 3769

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Excellent class and a lot of new stuff I haven’t done before. Thank you!
Thank you all for trying it out! Connie - I actually include the inversion in my Fear workshop. If you are ever in the D.C. area, come visit, and I bet we can get you to do it! It's easier than it looks!
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 Would love to visit you in DC  Mariska! I have to put that on my bucket list !
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So great, will be returning to this workout often! Thank you Mariska and sending all you give right back to you during your surgery. You’re positive outlook and sense of humor will get you through. Just know that you are being thought of in those difficult moments❤️
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Thank you Mariska !
As always, lots of  inspiring moves .
Wondering if you hurt your leg doing any gymnastics,  as you often refer to ???

Best wishs for a speedy recovery !
Ileana - I broke my leg standing still! I was at a dog park and a couple of large dogs playing chase turned and slammed into me, breaking both my tibia and femur at my knee. I’ve never really been hurt doing anything actually physical. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Great class.  Also found some of the exercises really challenging, so look forward to having a spotter to give them another go.  Thanks for sharing your genius and wishing you a speedy recovery!
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What a freak accident accident Mariska !
You take good care and be back with your amazing classes. Loving wishes of strengh and patience thru your rehab. 
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This is my first class with you Mariska. Loved your transparent, honest teaching style - particularly your cue, "Ponytail forward, chin up, ponytail back", both effective & adorable. : )
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Great class!  I loved the candlestick variation!  
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