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Amy Havens
Class 3941

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I'm over 60 and love this class and would love more if possible. Thanks Amy!
Hi Christine , thank you so much!  I do have more classes that are great for you!  Are you needing anything in particular?  I'm happy to filter a few classes and let you know what the class numbers are.  What are your specific goals?
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Hi Amy, I'm 63 with a healthy back but have been diagnosed with osteoporosis near my left hip. Soon I will be starting a 12 month weights program at The Bone Clinic here in Australia. Since being diagnosed I've mainly been doing osteoporosis videos, they are great. I have a reformer and have done one or two of yours there too. My goals are to also include pilates along with my weights program. So I would love more osteoporosis friendly videos but also safe stretching for my back. I can use my jumpboard but always keep my head down. I will also ask the exercise physiologist at the bone clinic what I can or cannot do. Many Thanks Amy!
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Christine I would recommend you view any and all of Sheri Betz's content as well as that of Rebekah Rotstein, both teachers on our site.  They are also experts in the filed of Osteoporosis and offer wonderful workout classes, tutorials etc.  Yes, keep your head down during jumping!  
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