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because the truth is I can relate and have compassion but to understand I would have to have a TBI. You have made a difference in my life through your passion to bring PA into existence and it helped me to find my path to version 2.0. God led me to PA and PA has helped me regain health and find a new career. xoxoxo Thank you and I can easily say I love Kristi 1.0 and I know that Kristi 2.0 will be worth the effort it takes for her to evolve. The end (finally)
Kimberly, In writing this, you have helped me in return more than I can express. Thank you for all four parts of this message, for sharing an example of a path that is worth "the effort it takes [for her] to evolve," and most especially for your compassion.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. I was wondering if you have seen a physical therapist for post-concussion physical therapy. I am a physical therapist, and I have a co-worker that works with patients with post-concussion syndrome, and I have seen her do great things. I don't know the extent of your injury; however, some of the symptoms you are describing sound very similar to some of the patients she treats. I'm not sure what you have tried in means of treatment, but thought I might offer something else to consider. Good luck with your future treatment, and thanks again for sharing your story. As you mentioned in one of your posts, there are so many unknowns to concussions, but your vulnerability on the subject may bring some comfort to others working through the same challenges.
Kristi Cooper
Thank you Emily Hafer, I have not been treated specifically for post concussion syndrome by a physical therapist. I have had some cranio-sacral sessions, acupuncture, many "dives" in a hyperbaric chamber, finally been to a neurologist who told me not to bungee jump (not that I ever would) but to make sure to start dancing again if I weren't already (I was) and that I can be impatient if I want, but can also expect another 6 months of similar symptoms gradually dissipating until then and he would consider that normal. I had my first PEMF treatment today, which was actually quite remarkable, so I'm looking forward to more of that. And finally I realized that specific nutrition really was key, so am supplementing pretty massively and cut out alcohol altogether now and until the surprise meltdowns go away. I'm not a lot of fun right now, but I intend to feel good enough to have more of it soon! Thanks again!
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Kristi Cooper Glad to hear you have found some treatments that work for you! And again, I really appreciate you sharing your journey through the recovery process. I've never had a concussion, so I can't personally relate; however, I know many people that have found comfort in sharing their experiences with others. I wish you nothing but the best on your road to recovery!
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Hi Kristi. To all of the people who know and love you, you will always be Kristi 1.0. Ive always admired you and your courage and strength to follow your dreams.I'll tell you my silly story in hopes that you have some painfree laughter. This past December when my niece saw me playing around on her skateboard, she decided to give it to me for Christmas asking me to promise I would buy and wear all the proper safety gear. She could see the joy in my eyes when I was on it. The next day I went to a skate store and said I need all the safety gear. I bought a helmet and knee guards but they said they didn't sell adult wrist guards because most adults dont wear them. I went home and put the helmet on And went out to the alley behind the house. I was having the best time. At 55 years old having the time of my life and feeling free and joyful, until I hit a crack in the pavement and went flying off the board shattering my wrist needing surgery with a plate to hold it all together.
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. . It was 4 days before New Years, 12 days before my daughters baby shower and 3 weeks before I was supposed to babysit for my only grandson for the first time and just two months after opening my studio. I kept thinking why did this have to happen, why wasn't I wearing wrist guards and why didn't I wait til February. My head had hit the pavement so hard I thank god for the helmet. I'm finally able to do most thing and as much as people thought it was stupid for me to be on a skateboard, I loved that I took a chance at something new. Wishing you a painfree healthy life just around the corner Kristi. With much love xo
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Thank you for sharing your journey. I am also a self described doer and a mover, and I gave myself a bad (fourth) concussion on Nov 26, 2016 and have been struggling since. Only recently am I able to feel almost like my old self ... sometimes, which gives me some much needed hope, but I tend to feel that some things are just the new normal. While headache hasn't been one of my symptoms, I can completely relate feelings you've expressed so eloquently and openly. I struggle with what I call my "shaky brain" (which I equate to a shaky muscle that has been overworked) as well as visual disturbances, and real difficulty in filtering out background sounds and covnresgatons. Maintaining eye contact while talking to someone is exhausting. I have found some relief through my fabulous osteopath. It is a long and very misunderstood process, unique to each person and their injury. It has certainly given me a new appreciation for my clients with TBI. I wish you the best.
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Kristi, you've been in my thoughts since I read your article last week. I was incredibly touched by your story and your strength. My heart goes out to you and I will continue to send healing thoughts your way. Lots of love, xoxo
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Dear Kristi, you and PA are a part of my life. I'm so grateful to you for what you have done for all Pilates lovers... I'm sending you a lot of love. I'm sure that your friends love Kristi 2.0 as much as they loved Kristi 1.0, (and Univers too ) because you are an amazing person.
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