Reformer Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1036

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Gorgeous demonstration Kristi! Thanks for the help
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Thank You so much Lisa, Beautiful Flow as always ~ I loved taking your Rhythm before and this class just adds another dimension to my Reformer work, I have the SC and was easily able to translate movements :)
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I love the work with the arc barrel on the reformer!!!! I wish I can see in the near future.
Wishing more (correction from the former text)
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You know it's a great class when only 5 minutes in I can't wait to comment about it!! I loved using the arc. Definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. Really felt everything engage as they should during foot work. I realized that when using the leg springs, I tend to push out with my feet as well. You helped me with this. Not easy. Again, I felt the muscle engagement more. Thank you for another great class:) On a technical note, I really liked the different camera angles. I could see Kristine's Alignment much better and it really helped.
That was fabulous!!!
Great work demonstrated by the ladies :)

Kristi - beautiful Breaststroke on mat!
Wow! Thank you all for your lovely comments (and for the Rhythm Pilates shout-out)! I am thrilled you enjoyed using the arc and got some insight on how to engage inner thighs/rotators during the hip work with straps. I agree Kristi's Breastroke is stunning!
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Always love to see you teach!!!! Enjoyed the use of the Pilates Arc.
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Thank you so much Patricia!!! I love using the arc on the Reformer and so happy to be able to share it on P.A.!
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