Matapalooza 1/5
Amy Havens
Class 1063

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I loved this Amy! These fundamentals are SO important in helping us reconnect and develop our internal body awareness. I notice my clients love it when I slow class down and incorporate these into our matwork. Thanks!
Always love Amy's calm instruction!
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Thank you Anna and Elmear! Fundamentals are pretty dear to me and I think that when done with deep and clear intention can really "re-set" a person as well as prepare them for the more intermediate and advanced movements in the repertoire. Thanks for your comments!
Love this class & so reasuring this is how I teach & every so often bring my members back to the fundimentals whatever their level.
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Hi Amanda........thank you for this positive feedback. As many know, I love the fundamentals so I appreciate you sharing your viewpoint also. We can always learn from going back to our foundations!
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Yummy class! I just finished it on this warm Saturday morning--perfect. Also a great return to the beauty of Pilates---it's easy to get away from that with all the fun fusions and barre classes out there now. Those are great, but so important to know and be able to move from the fundamentals.
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Hi Brenda! Thank you so much for your comments! I really value the fundamentals and agree whole heartedly that without them, we can lost in all the 'shuffle' of other workouts. But with them our bodies are fully prepared to tackle almost anything! :)
Hello Amy and All -

My name is Rashida. I'm excited to be a part of this online community. I chose this as my first class and my body feels very alive and awake afterwards, so thank you. I'm hoping to be able to use these comment boxes as the place to ask/leave feedback that I would if I were there in class with you.

Towards the beginning you did a lengthening pose that was pretty difficult for me because of the shape of my tummy. Should I just get in the habit of attempting to modify the poses until I lose some of the excess weight there?

Also - as a beginner, how often should I be doing a 20-30 min class? Daily? 3-4 times a week?

Thanks so much for any guidance. I look forward to my next class. It's clear you all love what you do!

Radiantly, Rashida
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Hi Rashida! THANK YOU......'my body feels alive and awake', what a compliment...and what a feeling!!

Yes, these comment boxes are for you. Modify anything that you feel you need to, yes. As a beginner....I would suggest 2-4 classes per week so that you build your foundation. The shorter classes are good, but maybe try one longer class too.

Yes, we ALL love what we do and we love hearing from our students/members as well, so please don't be shy in asking anything you want!! Hope to hear from you soon!

Yay for fundamentals! Thank you for this class... it's always nice to go back to the basics!
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