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Wow :) combined with class 1022 and feeling great thank you very much.
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This a wonderful 1st class from Portia. The short 20 min workout worked the spine in all directions and exemplified the last 2 Pilates principles of precision and flow. Great job, Portia! I look forward to more classes from you. :)
Enjoyed your clients liked the Peter Pan move.
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Fun & challenging, thank you Portia!
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Great class and excellent cuing!
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Loved this Portia! My clients call the above movement "The Ninja" move. It is one of my favorites (especially the crossing the knee to elbow, so wonderful) and I am working on bringing more of your moves to my level 2/3 Reformer class! When I am short on time this full body workout brings everything that I need!! Judy
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I really enjoyed the flow. It is a great workout for the core with interesting and challenging exercises. Looking forward to view your class on rotation you taught us last spring in Arizona rehab POT. All the best Artemis
Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback and comments! I look forward to being on Pilates Anytime again the meantime, check out my mat workout #1075!
To my dear friend Portia
I'm so happy to see you on Pilates anytime.
Wonderful class , wonderful flow and wonderful cuing.
Hope to see you more and more and more.
All the best
Meital from Israel
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Thanks Portia, love your class!
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