Reformer Workout
Mariska Breland
Class 1193

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I thought you we're fabulous! I adore Julian and wish I could of spent more time learning from him; you definitely brought him to this class and I felt his presence, thank you for that. The music didn't bother me at all, it was just some background noise, which can be nice rather than just quiet air, I just focused on your wonderfully executed cues. Great class, hope to see more of you Mariska!
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i love it
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Wonderful class! Inventive and challenging as all Julian classes are. Thank you for keeping his work going.
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Perfect:))) Thank you very much.
I shall offer up a class next week in Julian's memory. Terribly sad but at the same time you have captured his work on here. When I first signed up to PA the first video I watched was one of his. Big hugs to all of you who knew him personally and feel his loss most keenly x
Thank you, Megan. I texted Julian about an hour before shooting this class and his wife texted me back saying they were at the hospital. I never got to talk to him again, so I can't say how much I appreciate every kind word posted here.
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He is so proud of you, I'm certain of that.
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'Brutal' but amazing!!!!!!!!!! More more more....please.....
Thank you so much!!!!!
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Excellent class - Excellent cueing! will be looking for more...
Just wondering about the "tuck" cue. Don't you want to keep the pelvis neutral as it is safer that way for the lower vertebrae?
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