Before the Hundred
Cara Reeser
Tutorial 1198

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This%20was%20so%20helpful%20when%20viewi ng%20Kathy' 20ball%20breathing%20cue%20makes%20sense %20to%20me.%20%20I%20bet%20you%20hugged% 20her%20as%20often%20as%20you%20could... .she%20appeared%20tough%20but%20I%20bet% 20she%20gave%20great%20hugs.%20%20Cara%2 C%20you%20have%20really%20demonstrated%2 0your%20own%20strong%20gifts%20of%20teac hing%20and%20expression%20of%20movement% 20but%20you%20have%20represented%20your% 20roots%20with%20Kathy%20so%20well!!%20% 20Thanks%20for%20all%20of%20your%20hard% 20work%20to%20share%20this!
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Angel, I am so glad , more to come for this section. Thank you. I will keep the good work coming your way.

Cara, I loved learning the ball breathing- can't wait to use it with my people. The song- how amazing that feeling! Thank you!!! for sharing this work!
Again, a massive thank you! Learned so much!
Thank you Cara! Always learn so much from you. Big hug!
Thank you Cara, I keep singing and smiling :)
Thank you, Cara, for sharing this work! Just beautiful!
Thanks ladies. I am glad you are enjoying. It makes me smile and sing indeed.
Only just seen this! wow how wonderful ..really great teaching Cara thank you! i am a singer as well as a pilates fanatic and this is just fabulous!!
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Thank you for sharing, Cara! I absolutely love the imagery of the bands - I don't think I'll ever teach the Roll Up the same again.
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