Feel-Good Pilates Arc
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1289

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Thank you everyone for your positive & wonderful comments. I am so grateful you've enjoyed the segment on the Arc!
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This made me want to get an arc for Christmas too! Many of these exercises I've have done on the Spine Corrector. The arc has a small difference in its angle. But it's much the same.
Thanks Elizabeth! The Arc's are lightweight and the curves are gentle. I hope it's under the tree for you this year :)
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thanks Lisa ! you are great !
thanks Lisa ! you are great !
Thank you Elena, I appreciate it...you're very kind!
hermosos ejercicios!!
Gracias Maria! Thank you :)
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Great, love these shorter workouts. Easy to fit in to busy day. Thankyou.
Thanks Jo~Glad to help out when it's crunch time! I know the feeling??
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