Neuroscience and Exercise
Mariska Breland
Workshop 1334

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Are there any handouts for this course? That is always so incredibly helpful. Thank you!
Melissa ~ There is a pdf of the powerpoint at the bottom of the description. You can click the link and download it to use as a reference when watching the workshop. I hope this helps!
Hi Mariska can you clarify with spasticity after a stroke and footwork on the jump board as you advised would you take the leg and hip into full extension if they are shaking and how would you cue a client to get their brain to reduce this shaking - I ask because my client struggles to straighten the leg and would like to correct gait ? Is this also something that can be attributable with central nervous sensitization as I have clients with EDS that shake or is it more muscle fatigue not neurological ? Thanks x
Hi jo - spasticity is a tough one. The reason for the jumpboard is to do one thing of several you can do to break the extensor spasm pattern. Others that are often more effective are to do things side lying or seated. Another trick you can try is to try to divert the brain by asking random questions while he or she is moving - “what did you have for breakfast” or tasks like counting backwards from 100 in 3s. Also spasticity is an extremely complex and insidious problem. Medication and other treatments are very often needed.
Someone mentioned the Mind the Movement workshop. When is that? I thought this workshop was informative but I’m looking for more exercise and programming for this client type.
Hi Suzanne, This workshop was originally named Mind the Movement and because we didn’t think it was clear that it was about neuroscience, we changed the name. If there is another workshop that better suits your needs, I’m not sure what it would be but hope the PA staff can help answer that question for you. Best, mariska
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