Neuroscience and Exercise<br>Mariska Breland<br>Workshop 1334

Neuroscience and Exercise
Mariska Breland
Workshop 1334

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Brilliant workshop I learned a lot, my husband has MS so really useful, thank you.
So glad you liked it, Debbie!
I am very excited to watch Mariska's new Mind the Movement workshop. I completed Mariska's Pilates for MS teacher training course in London recently. I found it extremely interesting! Learning about Neuroplasticity and how physical exercise can help rewire and heal the brain was fascinating! I feel much more confident to work with not only my client who has MS but also my clients who suffer from other neurological disorders as a result of Parkinsons and Strokes.You really do see the quality of people's movement and strength change which then gives them confidence and belief in themselves. It has been very rewarding work! Not only is Mariska absolutely lovely to work with, she is also just so knowledgable on on the material. Her delivery on what I think is a very complex subject was spot on! I recommend her courses to everyone and look forward to seeing what else she has planned to teach us all in the future! Rachel Parker, Pilates Instructor Birmingham UK
Thanks Rachel! It's so nice to hear how everyone's work is going post-workshops. I'm coming to London again later this year - I hope to see you then!
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Very informative workshop. The complex information is presented in a clear and accessible manner. I feel much more confident working with clients with neurological challenges. Additionally, the knowledge gained regarding how the brain processes information, is easily transferable to all students, making this workshop even more valuable.
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Thank you Mariska! I have a friend with MS and this has opened my eyes to a whole new range of possibilities on how I approach her workout on the reformer and cadillac. Great job!
I can't seem to print the handout, the workshop is great! Any hints on printing the handout?
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