Challenging Tower Variations
Melissa Connolly
Class 1385

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That was the best tower class yet! I loved your first tower class as well. So challenging. I'm out of breath. Thank you:)
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Best tower classes come from Melissa!
I know I can rely on getting a dynamic, seamless, and efficient workout in less than an hour. I like the minimal use of filler words too.
Well done! Another great class from you!
Love it!!!!
Excellant! Thank you Melissa, awesome tower class!
Challenging and invigorating class!
Love this challengIng workout...I keep returning to it to solidify my own work so I can share in my classes. Thanks for being faithful to Julian's precise cueing and providing a great challenge!
Love it!
Great Class Melissa! Thank you!
Thank you, Mellssa. I just did this class again... it's still one of my favs. Love the Tower classes Thank you, PA, for keeping them coming.
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