Postnatal Reformer Workout
Leah Stewart
Class 1394

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This also is a wonderful class for seniors. Thank you.
Thank you so much for this series of classes. I do not have children, but I have an increasing number of students and friends who are pregnant or planning families. Wonderful ideas to help me to relate to them as they prepare and go through pregnancy. Also, enjoyed the movements myself :) Lovely!
Dianna - I completely agree with you! So many different populations would enjoy this work. I would love to know the feedback you are receiving from your senior clients. Please let me know if you get the chance? How does it feel for them, etc.

Lita - First, have so much fun with your clients as they enter this new phase of their lives, Pilates is such a great guide through all the transitions involved Second, I am so happy that you did the class and enjoyed the movement, thank you!
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I own a reformer studio in PA and 80% of my members are seniors with challenges, like me. The hope and ability to move without hurting the joins helps us all so much. Classes are 7-8 and the social/emotional component is palpable. More classes on movements are designed for seniors would be great.
great workout ( YES for seniors) and I love your thoughts on how society "wants" women to get in shape as quickly as possible ( like the super model mums do...). this puts a lot of presure on young mums, I think. ( I´m not a mum, yet):..
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I have also been wishing that classes taught here on Pilates Anytime would use senior and/or plus size students to realistically demonstrate movements.
Am post partum, loved this workout. Great way to ease back into things!
Dianna, classes for seniors and people with obesity are high on our list of classes we'd like to film more of. It is also a frequent request that we show people with different body types in our classes. Unfortunately, it has proved difficult to find students that fit into the category of obesity and only slightly less so that are Seniors once they find out we would be filming it. The fact is sometimes we do have other people of different body types in our classes while we are filming, but we don't force anyone to be on camera if they don't want to be. We will keep trying to encourage the different populations to feel comfortable in class. Would you be interested in a workshop on the subject that is catered to teachers?
Thank you, Leah. I really enjoyed this class. Your cues are very clear. I agree with you and appreciate you encouraging new moms to ease back into the work.
Andrea - thank you and you're very welcome!
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