Reformer Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 1580

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Thank you so much for this workout! I had so much fun
Thank you Brent - just completed SR2 so interested in this from a programme design point of view! Great work. Going in my observation logbook:) Sarah
Did this again, so worth every minute!
Oh!!!! que alegría inmensa tener subtitulada esta clase! Ha sido una sorpresa maravillosa! Y de Brent Anderson que enseña tanto en sus videos!
Por más clases subtituladas celebro Pilates Anytime!!!!!!!!!!! espero de cada profesor enriquecerme. Gracias infinitas.
Thank you very much Brent for this reformer class!! Your teaching, and the Polestar Pilates vision are definitly changing the way i teach today !!! 
It's been a few years since i've done this reformer workout with Brent. Familiar exercises with different nuances throughout. Your cueing and tone is just completely lovely. Please come back and do another reformer or reformer/tower combo class for us! Thank you.
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