Powerhouse Wake Up
Meredith Rogers
Class 1646

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I love love love you and this...! I fell off my horse and have struggled with my pelvis and back pain and for the first time I feel like I can move. Clever clever lady... I aspire to one day be a teacher with your gift of passing on knowledge in a simple easy to understand way. You should feel very good abou yourself :)

Thank you Meridith
Thank you everyone! I appreciate you all so much and love, love, love to connect with those of you I know and love but rarely get to see in person. And to those of you I don't know personally, I feel deeply the love that you share with me.
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Love your classes. Such a nice flow and teaching style. Makes my body happy!
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Great class! Really nice sequencing. I have a question about the spring setting for kneeling arm circles: are you on 1 blue on 1st or 2nd gear? It seemed quite light on 1 blue on 2nd gear(?). Is that the intention? Thanks so much for a great class.
Hi Anna, I use a blue on second gear. Keep in mind that all reformers are different as are all bodies. I would recommend choosing a spring that you feel challenged by. I share my spring choices as a reference point only and often use heavier or lighter springs depending on my focus that day. Thanks for taking class with me!
A very helpful and clear description of how I think we all choose our springs given the differences across apparatus and manufacturers. Thanks Meri!
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this class went straight to my favorites!! Thank you:) Especially loved the side lying leg work.
Glad to hear Anne-Marie! Thanks :)
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Loved this one, Meredith! Great variations and focus ~ brilliant! Thank you!
Thanks Evie!
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