Traditional Mat Flow
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 1764

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IMPECCABLE cuing! Beautiful class, beautiful delivery and great execution from students!! Thank you.
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Everything Kerry has said plus a whole lot of hard work!!
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This class was a lot of energy!!! Thank you Benjamin!
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Benjamin loved your energy and bright personality! Paired with fantastic teaching your one of my faves !
Thank you so much. It's a thrill to know that the energy we had in class comes through - it was such a joy getting to teach and move with Erin and Kristi!
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SO good! I don't know how you fit so many different types of moves into this class in one hour but it seemed to go by very quickly. It was both fun and challenging. I learned a lot and enjoyed some new-to-me moves and variations. You are a great instructor.
A heap of lightbulb moments in this class - side reach like a diagonal lightning bolt, decompressing the neck in Neck Pull and that Seal variation! So much wonderful thank you Benjamin, Erin and Kristi xxxx
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Love the transition and cues and preps! Requesting a level 2/3 class please....
Catherine, Megan, Theresa, it's so great hearing about your experience and lightbulb moments, thank you so much for sharing! And Theresa, I have a level 2/3 Mat class up as well - hope you'll enjoy it just as much.
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A wonderful class. Agree with all above. I would love to try one of your accelerated level 3.
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