Wrist Pain Tutorial
Cathleen Murakami
Tutorial 1889

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Wonderful Tutorial Cathleen!! I've been working on getting out of the wrist in exercises and I find thinking about the biceps and triceps helps a lot. Would love to see something similar from you regarding the shoulders.
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Thank you very much, Cathleen! Very good tutorial!!
An important video, very well explained. Thank you so much!
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Thank you for the detailed explanation !
@ Jessica, @ Erica, @ Anastasia, @ Jitka.....many thanks for your feedback and so happy that it may help you and/or your students.
@ Jessica - what exactly would you like to see regarding shoulders? I'm filming again this summer.....
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great tutorial, thank you Cathleen Murakami !!! i just very need it for my client!!!!! ))
@Olga, I am so glad that you can utilize this information. Thank you for your feedback
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It would be lovely to have information on helping clients with wrist pain while performing hands on footbar exercises, such as long-stretch, elephant, etc.   Thank you for this tutorial!
Heidi B , wrist issues are always so tricky....and a bit challenging to comment on in this forum....i.e. without being there to see the entire structure of the client. That being said, I will keep it in mind when I film tutorials in person again for PA!
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Thank you for that explanation.  So interesting.  Arthritis gets in the way.  It is then easy to understand how that affects the whole line.  It is still important to have upper body strength to be able to get up and down off the floor. 
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