Rhythm Pilates®
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2273

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That's what was hoping for Marcia…Pure Joy! Thank you so much!
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Yay Louise! Grateful
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I keep coming back to this class! Once you know the routine, it becomes a fun and easy one to let your mind go with you. Looking forward to more!
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Great class, love the flow??Congratulations for one more time
That is exactly right Sabrina! This is how it's meant to be done, glad you are enjoying the sequence! XOX
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this is a really nice class to do to start your day feeling fine. v much enjoyed it gracias!
Gracias Amelie! Glad you found this class. It's quick and great to stretch & lengthen the body and gets you going for the day!
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Inspiring, beautiful and a goal for 2016! Thank you!
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This is great - what is the music called please - can i get it on iTunes??
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