Reformer Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2414

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This showed up in perfect timing for a mixed level jumpboard class tomorrow! Thank you Amy!
Yay....happy to hear this Valya! How'd it go?!!
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It went great! They love you! I have a Level 2 Jumpboard class on Thursday nights and a Level 1 Reformer at 10::30AM M-F so I modified the kneeling arm work for clients with knee issues: they did them seated on the box. I also modified the reverse tricep presses (the ones you did side bending seated cross legged) to a seated box with a hand weight because we're always working on upper back and shoulder stabilization. It was a nice challenge and feeling of accomplishment for everyone!
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Loved this class Amy. What a great workout for my skaters!
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I'm not sure the other women was following the same foot positions as Amy was?
Thank you ladies.....Jenny.....she may not have had the exact foot positions as I had. The student on that Reformer can't always see the best and I'm happy she didn't turn her head or look up while jumping to see what I was doing! She took care of her own body---which is the best thing to do. It takes a good deal of concentration to be on camera and do everything 'right'. I think she did a wonderful may have made it difficult to follow along at home or in your studio since you couldn't really see my foot and leg positions from the same angle as the student. I'll make a note of that! Thank you for pointing it out, it is appreciated.
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Love your classes and your style always!
Karen....thank you ! :)
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I love jumping. Thank you 😊
Me too Heather !!
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