Embodied Classical Mat Flow
Wendy L.
Class 2593

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Really liked and loved this class! Very nice!
Thank you, Ellen! I would love to know what you enjoyed most about this class...what was valuable for you? xwendy
Hmm good question, try to explain in english as good as possible. I love the theme about gravity and use that for movement. The way you explain it. The use of your visualisations made me really feel the connection with my body/core. Your enthousiasm And the flow in de class. It really made me connect with my core en feel my body in a way I want to feel it. Work with the breath and the gravity. Hard to explain but it felt right So thank you
Thank you so much Wendy. I have never been able to do tree with such ease. The more I pay attention the more I am able to get more of the connections we have to the round, equipment etc, to work with gravity no against it. Been a long time coming. I am trying for the inner ear for the up. Time will help.
What a joy it is to hear from both of you about your experience, Ellen and Lynn! You are so right that when we allow gravity to support us, internal lift happens naturally! Climb a Tree is often a stickler for people because each side of the spine is fighting the other side...rather than working together with breath and gravity...what a difference! xwendy
Great!! Thank you!! I can feel the balanced relationship in my whole body!!! Love it!!
Thank you so much, Ira....I am so happy that this class as helped you to be PRESENT to the brilliance of your biointelligent body, which knows how to re-balance itself, when we learn how to let go of the tension that we hold, by releasing our weight into gravity, which wakes up our natural relationship with UPLIFT, and the world around us!
Thank you Wendy! So nice to have you in my home reminding me to use gravity and that every movement is a whole body movement. Your reminder to let go so the movement is stronger and more focused allows me to do the movements freely, without gripping. Thanks so much!!! Hope there will be many more of these.
Thank you so much, Trisha..you are so right... the distinction of "allowing gravity to support us" creates whole body tensegrity where the whole body works together! It's core coordination where your abdominals are connected to your head,hands and feet, so uplift is natural. This is very different than "core control" where the abdominals are tightening your back and hips, and you need to use more effort to lift up!
Dear Wendy, love your class. "Move from the breathing spine" is the key words for me in recent practice. Thank you!
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