Balance in the Pelvis
Tom McCook
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I have a very unstable crooked pelvis and this tutorial is really such a gift to it. Thank you!!!!
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It never gets old! I could watch your classes over and over and over! (but I will still come to London too!)
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All your tutorials are just wonderful. I use a lot of what I am learning from these tutorials and bringing them into my sessions with my students. I find release work is vital prior to getting into the the nuts and bolts of a session! Thank you Tom!
Great session. Thank you. I used tennis balls - is that similar to the balls in the video? Also, What are the words I should use to ask my instructor about precisely where to put the balls. Thank you again.
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Thank you all very much your feedback! I'm very happy to hear you're enjoying the tutorials.
Andrew, tennis balls are OK and not quite the same. They're a bit harder and smaller than the 4" balls. It's that's all you have, go with them, otherwise go to to review product and get the 4" green balls.
Ball Placement: Place the balls on each side of the sacrum on the back of the pelvic behind the hip joints. Big thanks to Pilates Anytime!
That felt absolutely delicious on my hips and piriformis! Thank you so much for your knowledge and for sharing it with us all. Lots of little things make a huge difference and you're calm and precise teaching bring that home. Thank you
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LOVED this! Thank you, Tom. I always appreciate your clear and concise guidance. I can stay connected to my breath and focus on my body, vs. looking at the screen. I'd love a similar class on releasing the upper back and shoulders please :)
Bahareh ~ We're glad to hear that you liked this video! Tom also filmed two classes on posture that you may enjoy as well. One is for Standing Posture and the other is for Seated Posture.
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Wow, my lumbar spine and hips feel so released. Thank you for another excellent class!
Thank you! I love your classes and tutorials. I woke up with a stiff lower back and this helped so much!
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