Mat Workout
Myriam Kane
Class 2761

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Very good and interesting class!
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Thank you, Luciano , have a great week!
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This is amazing! Thank you!
Thak you and so glad you found it useful, Holly !
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I feel like you're on vacation with us! Great workout if i have to miss your wonderful in person classes!
I love that you've brought me along on vacations, Suzanne!!!! And thank you....enjoy!!!! Breeeeeeathe!
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Love the class, am going to run a runners workshop soon so gave me great ideas. Could you confirm who you mentioned regarding his stretches please?
So glad you enjoyed and can draw from the class, Bev! I believe my reference was to Anthony Lett. My best to you!!
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this is so much educational and fascinating ... its 1 am and i dont feel asleep coz this teaching was thatt interesting. thank you teacherĀ 
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It means a lot to me that this was of value to you, @tanya...enjoy and stay well!
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