Standing Tye4® Workout
Marika Molnar
Class 2808

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I also would love to see more Tye 4 classes,as well as Parasetter classes. Both are wonderful additions to any Pilates or Barre class.
All Pilates teachers and movement teachers should experience Marika Molnar. Even if you don't have the Tye4, the information and how Marika speaks about the body, breathing, balance and osteoporosis is amazing. Marika is a true gem in the dance medicine and pilates world.
It is wonderful to see Marika and her incredible knowledge-base is now available to the Pilates Anytime community. Marika's class is a fantastic way to add gentle load to the body and increase proprioception. Her class is deceptively simple; however the movement patterns and progressions are surprisingly challenging for the aging population and anyone seeking to increase their overall stability. Furthermore, the constant emphasis on posterior-lateral breath are valuable to anyone interested in finding a better relationship between breath control and movement.
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