Prenatal Mat Workout 4
Leah Stewart
Class 281

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Thank you so much for putting prenatal videos on here. I will definitely be utilizing these with my next pregnancy!
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Oh I'm so glad that you will be using the classes!!
Good class, thank you. I agree with Desiree, more prenatal classes please! :)
I feel great after class! So happy to find something I can safely do at 20 weeks! Thank you Leah.
With regards to the above , what about bridge work in 2nd and third trimester I was always told NO .. As well as the 4 point position.. Due to possible embolism

Just curious to your thoughts. As I see It, as long as you are comfortable and limited in time then it would be ok

Very valid thoughts. This class is designed for a more advanced pre-natal client and one without health limitations and concerns during her pregnancy.

In regards to the bridging and supine work. If the woman is comfortable and confident, then yes, she can work in and through these ranges of motion for a short and limited period. Regarding the 4 point position, I personally have not had any experience or in my research any major concern about this position and a possible embolism.

As we know, movement, which increases blood flow and circulation is helpful in preventing a pulmonary embolism. If there is a concern during pregnancy, the program should be designed so that (as you stated) the positions are not being held for an extreme about of time and/or that the positions are not static, they include various additional movements - does that make sense?

The 4 point position is a staple of pre-natal work simply because it's comfortable for women and it allows them to do many exercises (back extension, spinal articulation and abdominal) in a position that is not contraindicated.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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I think this class is great! Great for Pregnant clients as well as deconditioned clients or heavier clients. Thanks Leah
Leah I have a question regarding doing pilates if your diastisi recti has separated or if after previous pregnancies it has not closed.

Surely the client should not be doing PIlates?

I am curious because so far in my own research this is not being mentioned.
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Your question is common one, and there can be a lot of confusion surrounding diastasis recti.

First, yes, women with a diastasis recti can absolutely do Pilates. Many of the abdominal exercises will need to be modified to 1. heal the diastasis and close the separation as much as possible 2. to help them regain strength, control and movement integrity, which is mostly like compromised by the diastasis.

In saying that, sometimes a woman's diastasis or separation may never fully close, but with patience, time and proper exercise progression, she can regain immense abdominal/core integrity so that she can safely resume some flexion exercises. Does that make sense?

This is a very short answer for a very long one But I hope that it sheds a little light on the topic for you

Let me know if you have any other questions or need anymore details

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