How Do You Teach?
Tom McCook
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Thanks Tom - really useful. As a teacher in Higher Education here in the UK, student centred teaching is really prominent right now. I also remember years ago, as an Event manager, I took a class in 'sales' and I still remember the key steps - build a rapport, identify the need, sell the benefits, overcome any obstacles and then seal the deal:) I guess with our clients in Pilates it's identifying their need and then selling the benefits that aligns with the approach you mention. Really appreciate your insight and calm manner thanks:))
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Excellent! Thank you
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As a novice Pilates teacher in my first year, I cant thank you enough for this brilliant tutorial Tom. I have always used a student centered approach to my previous teaching life, and yet as a "newbie" to teaching Pilates I am learning so much, that it was a timely reminder for me to get out of my own way and focus on the students. Thanks again. Mel
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Thank you Tom McCook for articulating so well how we make the Pilates theory we're taught relevant to real life teaching. I'm 100% with you on empowering students to understand their bodies.
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Wow!!! That was a wonderfully clear, concise, organized, intelligent, and inspiring explanation of the what and why of teaching. Thank you!
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Love this:))
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Thank you very common sense & straight forward. Now to convey to my clients. Well stated
Thank you Marie, glad to be of service! Thank you all for your great feedback and for the platform that Pilates Anytime has provided.
Very useful experiment for other people. Im a fresh-teacher to be so it's amazing advisement for me to take it. Thank Tom!
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