Full-Body Prenatal Reformer
Leah Stewart
Class 308

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Hi Leah- Thank you for writing all of this out!! The thoroughness of your opinion is quite beneficial to my teaching. Love your work!
Ooh, also: In the short box series you feature here, would you ever add a weighted dowel in your hands? Or would you advise that prenatal clients avert the downward weight of the dowel and keep their hands behind their heads, as you did? Thank you!!
Leah, thank you so much! I don't know what I would do without you, particularly this class. First pregnancies are a challenge and your class lifts the baby off my pelvis, stretches my congested rib cage, and really focuses me for the future challenge of labor!
Sabrina - You got it, I would advise against adding a weighted dowel for the short box series for most pregnant clients, particularly if they are in their late second trimester or third trimester.
Monica - Love your comment so much! Nothing makes me happier to hear when pregnant mamas feel good practicing Pilates ;-0
Love this prenatal class. As always, your cues and pacing are perfect!
thank you very much, you have helped me so much with my pregnant clients
Thank you very much Leah for this wonderful class! I have really enjoyed it on my 21st week of pregnancy! ☺️
such a great class even for older clients who may require a more upright position in most exercises - love the kneeling side bends series - very creative - thank you Leah
I’ve watched this video at different times during my teaching years. I’ve used these exercises for active Agers as well as not so active Agers 😊. Today I re watched it for a client who is about 37 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and educating me ..
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