Mat for Hips and Low Back
Trent McEntire
Class 3121

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Fantastic class!
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Back feels great after class. Hips not so much. ))
Great Dorit ! :)
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I love this series so far! Thank you :)
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Thanks, Trent! I needed this. Oh, and so do most of my clients! ;)
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Loved it!!
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What a fantastic class, what a lovely voice to listen to and very clear instruction . Thank you Trent .
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nice session....absolutely loved the subtle progressions.
so by .strengthening & lengthening hips we are able to stabilize in the low back better thus avoiding low back tightness & pain?
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Im a veteran of about 100,000 hip twists. It felt completely new and much improved with Trent's instruction. I think it is literally the first time my abdominals were recruited to do the work. I'm not a pilates teacher but have taught this exercise to thousands of pregnant women. My guidance is going to be soooo vastly improved. My own daily practice too. Thank you.
Yes! Jennifer !
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