Mat for Hips and Low Back
Trent McEntire
Class 3121

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Lovely class. Thx
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This short class is a great warm up before golf, and when my lower back is stiff on days I don't work out. Thanks Trent McEntire
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I started with your spinal class followed directly with this one. What a great combination. Your breath cues make a very big difference, an exhale is quite powerful and helps to make it all work without excessive pulling in of abs and creating tensing in our body. It is someting I've been working on for myself and my clients. Thank you Trent McEntire I look firward to sharing your work with my clients.
Great series! What do you recommend for s.i. joint discomfort?
Thanks much
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Watching again as my low back playing up, this class is perfect for loosening up that area. Please do some more classes Trent
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Enjoying Trent's calm, clear and concise queuing, creative side lying work and articulate feet.
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Oh this was such a great class!! I loved every minute of it- those super delicious hip twists ( please can I add them to my classes? - I have been doing a version very similar but yours are super indeed! The side lying work was tough but felt great too and the recentering pelvic tilts and bridges were so welcome and especially good after working - oh yes and the back extensions were just fab too
- it really did rebalance to the body again - thank you so much, Trent McEntire
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Perfect for me today. had a bad cycle injury and this was so soothing
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Great quick class. Back and hips feel great. Thanks Trent!
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Brilliant- thanks so much for these awesome classes! :)
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