Priming Mat Movements
James Crader
Class 3123

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I have lots of good stuff to say about this class. I felt a bit of Brent Anderson, a bit of Tom McCook...and some Philip Beach..and active aging! Which is where I am. The rebounding at the end clinched it for me...that I have some grief trapped in my body. So much I hold in my muscles and fascia. I also felt some real sadness over my limited mobility, STILL in my ankles and wrists, from a couple of injuries that happened over a year ago. Important information. James, your teaching style is authoritative and friendly and challenging and gentle. Really liked spending some time with you. Thanks again PA! You really rock my world!
Wow!! I can't say Thank You enough for watching my video, taking the time to leave such an honest and vulnerable heart felt comment, and the amazing comparisons (some of my favorite Men of Movement)! It sounds as if you're body is exactly where it needs to be and I'm grateful to be a part of your caretaking process, friend! You've made my day! Martha "Mars" Hart
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James that was a wonderful exploratory movement class. ..learned heaps about how I move and felt relaxed and juicy in my body afterwards ☺
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👍👍 Vicky That's exactly what it's about ... exploring and learning about how your body moves and feels ... and (hopefully) ending up a lil' juicier! Thank you for watching and commenting, friend.
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I loved the way you conducted the class, very interesting, fun yet challenging. I hope to see more videos and maybe reformer classes in the future.
Hi Helen! I'm so glad you enjoyed the class ... thank you for taking the time to comment. You're in luck - I believe my Reformer class comes out next week. It's very different from this style (more easily Pilates identified) but the two classes are designed to coexist beautifully.
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Yum! My modern dancer body thanks you immensely! I geek out on this stuff, so important!
Thank You Stacy!! I appreciate the support.
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Sorry don't get it
Hi xeres! That's the great thing about websites and online libraries like this ... there's so much material for you to choose from that you have access to stuff you really love and "get," and then there's stuff like this that challenges your paradigms and leaves you with ???

Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts, friend. If you're interested in exploring some of the theories behind the class check out: Bartinieff Technique / Katy Bowman / Continuum Movement / MovNat / and current research on Fascia.
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