Creative Mat Variations
Anula Maiberg
Class 3132

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Smokin....whew the hot air in that room from immediate hard work, to moments of respite. Another creative workout to the rescue from Anula. Great fun had by all maybe the most important factor.
Lynn yes!!! 😙
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I love everything about Anula!!! Stealing a bunch of these! I like a pilates instructor that can crack me up especially!!!:))
Tina Tricomi thank you 🤣
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Anula Maiberg ..thank you so your humor
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More workouts by AnuAnula Maiberg Amaizing!
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Amazing combos! Fun and great class;)
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Great class, Anula! Thank you and I'm totally agree with Mandy
Inna Helen Monika Thea thank you guys so much!!! 😂💜
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Ring between ankles, heels lifted, roll down and back up. Aced it!!! NOT! Thanks for keeping us humble Anula. Super fun!
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