Reformer Connections
Lesley Logan
Class 3157

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Jessica ~ Thank you for your feedback! We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed this class! You are correct that deliberate means a slower pace, but all of that can be subjective and it can be difficult to decide the level and the pace. We will definitely try to be more consistent with this.
I loved this class! And the addition of the magic circle during short box series was pure magic. Sorry for the pun! But it helped me connect to my seat in a totally new way. Thank you!
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great class - loved the flow
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This was fantastic!  Great flow & you did a wonderful job of connecting the exercises. My back thanks you!!!
Laura I am so happy you enjoyed this class! I love a good flow myself too. Hope you get a chance to try the others when you're back! xx~LL
KIm thanks for taking class with me! xx~LL
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I loved this class, Lesley, thanks so much! You are quickly becoming my favorite teacher. The pace/level were perfect for what I was looking for and my body is buzzing now (you know what I mean!). Keep them coming!! :D
Deborah awe this made my day! I'm thrilled you loved this class! Thank you for sharing. xx~LL
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I will be coming back to this class again and again.  Felt like you could see my body and were talking directly to me!  Awesome.
Diane Duvall yay!!! This makes me so happy! exactly how I wanted everyone to feel when taking my classes on PA xx
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