Lower Body Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 3516

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what a treat! A class from Meredith and on my birthday! I could only get sound, no picture. I was still able to do the class just from your great cues. The only part I was confused on was the very end so I just did some spine twists while sitting on my box. Thank you Meredith!
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Having trouble viewing, anybody else have a black screen? Audio is on off..tried troubleshooting
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I feel great after making my way through this one, also had limited ability to see. I thought it was my phone so I restarted the app and the visual played a bit longer, but froze after a moment.
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This is one of your best classes!!! I especially loved how you showed the different angles for the upper body extension. Thank you so much Meredith.
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This video isn’t working:(
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Spencer ~ I'm sorry you're experiencing playback issues. Have you tried closing the browser and starting over? You might also try restarting your computer. That often helps! Here is a video troubleshooter that also has some good suggestions: Video Troubleshooter. If you continue to experience issues, please call 424.999.1700, and we can take a look with you!
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Black sceen only !!!
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Ileana ~ I'm sorry to hear that you aren't able to see the video. I have switched your account to another video player in the hopes that it fixes the problem. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at support@pilatesanytime.com.
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What I found is that the video works perfect on my desktop computer but was blackout out with my tablet. Not sure if this helps at all.
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I cannot see the video, only audio is avaliable and a black screen -(
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