Gait Patterning
Madeline Black
Workshop 3568

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I can't believe my luck today, Madeline thank you for coming back to P/A with the gait patterning workshop and class.
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Thank you Madeline, this is so interesting and helpful. It is fascinating to feel such a difference in each side, and really valuable to have a way of working on myself and also improve my understanding, so that I can help others. I really appreciate you sharing all this knowledge. :)
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sooo interesting and helpful! Thanx
Lots to take in here but very useful thanks, Sarah from the UK
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Fantastic Madeline thank you. Reinforcing what I learnt from. Your gait pattern lecture
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Thank you
It feels really good on the spine and would for sure suits a lot of us
Great information
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Plenty of food for thought. Thank you! Hope this is the start of another series
Very informative and exactly what I needed. Thank you.
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