Gait Patterning
Madeline Black
Workshop 3568

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Hi Tamar sorry for the delay on answering! If you wish to train the posterior-lateral hip functionally, then the lengthening will make the glutes Fire, yes there is pronation during gait. You can certainly step back out of the lunge.
Nadia today’s hip replacements are amazing with no contraindications. If the person has an older procedure, posterior entry, then they may have contraindications. Check with the client.
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Thank you so much Madeline! Loved this workshop. Excited to practice this with my clients. Thank you!!
I find every class and workshop of Madeline Black videos excellent and this one is no exception. So much detail, knowledge and brilliant teaching. Thank you
Interesting work, Thank you Madeline!
What a brilliant workshop - thank you so much, Madeline! After doing the class, I find my left foot pronating naturally when I walk. Usually only happens when I’m focusing on it... I will certainly find these techniques of ongoing benefit to myself and my students!
First of all thank you for making it FREE to take this most amazing workshop. This topic has always been of interest to me but haven't been able to take a course on it. The exercises are so effective and some are surprisingly difficult, like the kneeling on the block. Thank you!
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Such a valuable class which I am going to return to many times. Thank you Madeline for sharing your knowledge with us. Please come back to PA soon.
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Thank you for this amazing experience! 
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Loved this workshop! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience.  I took notes throughout . I want to rewatch and participate so as to feel this in my own body. There is so much here I plan on incorporating into my practice.  I am already thinking of individuals this will really help but honestly I am sure we would all benefit by adding these movements into our life on a regular basis.
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