Reformer with Props
Courtney Miller
Class 3573

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Love this workout!!!!
Love the creativity! The two swan dive series are terrific, and I really enjoyed the standing work with the band.
Great workout! Thank You! You make it look so easy!!
I am so happy to have you back Courtney! You inspire me so much to be creative in my classes!
Love this class Courtney - hoping to see more new videos from you soon!
How would you suggest modifying for someone who cannot fit their thigh in the strap?
I have a Stott machine and unfortunately the foot bar doesn't lock... any suggestions on how we can adjust?

Thank you again it was AWESOME
Hey Courtney
LOVE the class good to see you on PA again. You look awesome and you always get Napier me I don’t really care about the level rating just the work.
That should have said inspire!
Wow-just spectacular choreography and cues!!!! I can take just 1 series and really impress my regulars😃🤣. Now the important stuff-who makes those leggings??? Such a pretty color!!!
Great ideas for props. Loved them all.
Love it. Thanks for the creative ideas Courtney.
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