Day 3: Lower Body
Tracey Mallett
Class 3591

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Hi hun, amzing wrkout thank you xxx
Tracey, I completed this challenge a couple of weeks ago and WOW - what a challenge it is!! I am now taking the challenge again and have completed day 3. I think day 3is by far one of the most challenging days for me; it is also a reminder of what I need to work on. You are amazing!! Thank you so much for this brilliant challenge! I love your enthusiasm :)
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Oh God this was soo challenging.. I Will definitely redo it many times
Thank you very much😍
Wow, felt my bum! Didn't have sliders but used socks on hardwood floor - worked perfectly. Thank you, Tracey.
Great workout- thanks for those final stretches too!
Great challenge.
Thank you.
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i absolutely loved this workout got me through the day!this barre challenge was exactly what i needed!
I really enjoyed this workout! Defo felt like cardio to me but a nice and easy one I can do weekly :) 
Thank you Tracey, I needed to get my body back from a very exhausted period of my life and I knew that you were a warranty ! 
That downward dog sequence was a challenge for me. Need to work on those hammies! Thanks for another great workout Tracey. Loved it! 
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