Slow and Steady Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3613

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Tanja Elisabeth thanks to YOU for doing it with me!
Gil slow and steady is my favorite for a focused practice.

Excellent teaching as ever! Loved this  thanks! A nice Sunday stretch and strength class! 
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Just what I needed today - I always appreciate your cues to help me move inward to experience at a deeper level.
Thanks for working out with me and sharing feedback!!
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Great basics class. Deep ab connections and spot on cues. Lovely session I revisit often. Thank you! 
Lacey M seeing this picture made me suddenly nostalgic for the studio! :(
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Meredith, you are so funny and "real" thank you! 
Lisa Press thank YOU!!
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Awesome class. Challenging yet relaxing. Thank you!
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Loved the combination of slow and steady pace but intense work.
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