Slow and Steady Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3613

Slow and Steady Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3613

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Dawn T
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Slow and steady, but still a lot of work! Deep movement for good strengthening and stretching. I love this one, Meredith! Thank you!
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Loved this, very good cueing, perfect start to a busy morning.
Thank you ladies!
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Perfect for me today. Since dog bite, to left calf, 1 1/2 years ago, some muscles have a sense of neurological spasms, all the way up to mid left lumbar. Thank goodness you guided me to be able to 'move' this morning.
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Perfect for me today! I loved when you mentioned gratitude at the end as I was in a what could’ve been a serious car accident last night. I was told that since my body is so strong (thanks to Pilates)! my body was able to take the hit. Feeling very thankful and grateful today for so many things! Thank you Meredith!
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Thank you for this simple but effective class for today...After the breast cancer surgery i need to go step by step in pilates :beginning with the basics making me feel gaining my skills back in every single movement...perfect sesssion...thank you
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Lovely class to end the day, thank you x
Karen K
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Great way to return to PilatesAnytime. Thank you.
Thank you for this class - it takes away the stiffness around the area of my hip replacement 5 years ago. Although I do cycling, hiking in the mountains and lots of walking, the stiffness comes back regularly, maybe because of some "wrong" moves, but this class (as well as other Pilates classes) definitely provides the "right" moves!
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