Stabilizing Reformer
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3631

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Excellent class really appreciated the consistent subtle stability before movility. Loved the way you organized the session. Congratulations Marimba!
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I'm training my partner to become a better athlete (cycling - skiing). Especially on stability and isolated movements. So I loved your choice of exercises, this was obviously what he needed as the "shaking" was real Thanks, we will repeat your class for sure.
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Absolutely loved this reformer class! Also the instructions are super clear so I can just turn on this video, put in my head phones and enjoy this workout without checking my phone every 5 seconds if I’m doing the exercise right!!!
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I loved this. I watched it but now will take it to the studio and do it. Very clear instruction. Congratulations on winning - well deserved.
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Congratulations on winning and thank you for sharing your creativity with us! Can't wait to take it into the studio and share the knowledge!
Congratulations on your win. Very clever moving the spring bar out of the way for a level pelvis in Scooter. Nice class.
I really loved your class! The scooter combination with rotation was a great challenge.
Congratulations Marimba on your first PA class!
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I enjoyed this class immensely. This is thinker’s Pilates ; a clear understanding of what the modern body needs, how we compensate and the art of creativity without losing integrity. Looking forward to more from Marimba and instructors like her.
Congratulations on your win look forward to more of your videos‼️
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