Reformer Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3738

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Thank you, Niedra. Loved this dynamic totally body workout in just 32 minutes. Fun variations that make each exercise accessible for all. Thanks for this!
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This was a great, fast paced class! The “engaging your lats” instruction was particularly helpful for me and I definitely felt it differently. Thanks very much!
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Also, my hamstrings say “HELLO!!!!” this morning. Ouch! Great workout! It is in my once a week folder. Thanks again!
Thank you Lori, for your comments. always happy to read about how the workout is creating an impact.
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Thankyou! Love all the insight and descriptions in the footwork opposition, length , etc. 💚knees off!
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Sweaty and fast! Thanks for maximizing the time you had and putting a true full body workout together!
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Thank you Niedra, I liked everything a lot, especially the stomach massage variation with the box. The only thing I would like to mention critically is that it was a bit hasty. Pace is fine, but as a viewer, doing it with you for the first time, it was too fast. whenever I found myself in the right place you already moved on.. It is then difficult to really feel into it.
It’s always great to have variations of the core exercises! The short box for stomach massage really helped me stay lengthened in spine! Always a challenge to stay lifted. I appreciate your directions and identifying the areas of focus for each exercise. Thanks Niedra
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Beautiful class Niedra! Loved it all! Greetings from Costa Rica!
Awesome class
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