Scapulo-Humeral Rhythm
Lesley Powell
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Very informative tutorial - thank you
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This is great! I love getting this kind of information explained. I did an in-person workshop with Lesley Powell some years ago that I got a lot out of so I'm glad to see that she is teaching here! I didn't fully understand all of this and I felt it could be longer and involve more examples using common dance moves and I'd love to see it demonstrated in plank pose. Looking forward to more of her videos. Thank you for making Lesley Powell's teaching available here. 
Thanks for your reply.  Hopefully as you watch more of the series your questions can be answered.  Also I did a reformer class based on this material.  there are applications of this material into the repertory.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Lesley
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Vivian , yes... stay tuned for the series of classes and breakdowns that Lesley filmed (they'll all be coming out together -- this was the first one!).  And as Lesley said, she taught a Reformer class that supports all of the content we recently filmed with her.  It's fabulous and I know you'll gain from watching it and many of your questions will be addressed.  :)
Always love your work, Leslie.
Thank you Lesley Powell &  Amy Havens for your replies! I will watch the reformer one and look forward to seeing the forthcoming videos!  
I love this Lesley! The way you explain always resonates with me. I am so glad I was able to learn from you in person at your studio with Anthony Lett a few years back. One of my favorite learning experiences ever!!
Thanks for these type of tutorials!!
Thank you for this detailed information about the shoulder girdle which is always being a problem for me; It is very important for me to understand the logic of how the relevant structure works first and then perform the movement...This video is a perfect start...thank you
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Love Leslie Powell!! Don’t miss out on any of her workshops. I had the joy and Honor of working with Leslie when I began my pilates journey over 20 years ago. Her teaching style is real and accessible for all. Her words resonate as I continue my journey in the Pilates method of movement.
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