Fundamental Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3835

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This is one of the best classes I ever took!! Thank you very much, basic information is sooo important isn't it!? I was just wondering if the head float exercise could be dangerous for some people having serieus shoulder or neck problems? What cue or advice would you give them as an extra for this exercise? Thank you so much.
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Hi Floor , thank you!!  In response to your question about whether the head float could be dangerous for someone with serious shoulder or neck problems --- yes it could and without knowing more detail about the "problems"... you could offer the suggestion to someone "to think about floating or lifting the head".... "move, but don't move".... this knowledge passed down to me from my teachers who studied with Ron Fletcher and Kathy Grant!  It works.... and my language "act as if you'll move your head, but just think about doing so".  It allows the brain to send the message, but without having to actually move, can help someone build up to the movement without pain or trepidation.  Hope this helps!
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Amy Havens oh yes thanks for reminding me this! Something I learned in the past but totally forgot! Totally right! thanks a lot.
This is exactly what I needed! I'm feeling more confident about this journey now. I'll do this daily until it comes natural. I really enjoy this instructor and I love being able to take these classes as often as I like, moving at my own pace! 

Thank you so much Darlene and keep up the wonderful work.  Let me know how I can be of help, anytime!!
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Perfect fundamentals and I loved it...This is one of my favorites in Pilates Anytime...thank you Amy
Wow Cigdem , thank you!!!
I very much appreciate your clear and detailed instructions, as I am a beginner.
Can we inhale to lenghten tand lifet legs  during single and double leg lift?
Love this class! Watch it again &again.
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