Fundamental Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3835

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Hi Rajashree Srirangarajan , yes you can breathe however you wish.  My thoughts for people are .. breathe normally, but feel supported by the breath and supported in your back!
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Wonderful job Amy! Your teaching style is clear and to the point! 
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Now Id like to do this faster- not sure where to go next
Thank you so much Ryan B !  
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I realy like this, very cleary good teaching.
It is great to train the basic principals of pilates regulary even if you are level up.
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Amy, I've been doing quite a few of your classes which I love and thought it be good to just check in on my basics, I love the imagery especially the bowl of water. I've had a look but can't see any, did you do anymore fundamentals like this that covers more of the moves as I enjoy the classes and want to get most out of them. I know you give great ques but still after this I think another would be great.

Ingrid L Julie C thank you and Julie C , yes I have a few other fundamental Mat classes on the site as well as some basics and breakdowns.  The most recent class, #4255, was filmed a few months ago, live, in my den!  I had the fortune of having a regular Tuesday class during most of 2020, helping keep people in their practice!  Let me know how that class goes for you!
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