Articulating Mat
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3903

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Refreshingly fun, creative and uplifting practice! More please & thank you!
Loved this mat workout! The feet and hand exercises felt so great! Thank you Marimba!
First of all: you're laughter is just fabulous! And then I would like to thank you for the sensation I had during the roll over. After a view repetitions on the ball my last roll over without it was probably as articulated as never before; great!
So so so brilliant! You’re such a gift Marimba!!
I loved your choreography and cues, Marimba. The footwork at the beginning of class is GOLD :)
As a professional dancer, I loved this class because the focus on articulation through the spine, rotation of femur, and rotators gave me a full body warm up intrinsically. Thank you so much!
Fun! Creative! Effective! New! Diverting!
Good pace! Endearing!...
Thank you very much!!!
Please more...!!!
Found both of Marimbas classes fun, challenging and refreshing! However, I’d label this one a level 2and the other a level 2/3 imo.
So creative, useful, and fun!  I loved watching each student.  
Incredible routines! Loved it!
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