Moving Environments Mat 1
Jared Kaplan
Class 3904

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Nikki Goncagül Birgit  You each nailed it: precision, deliberate pace to help you connect, proprioceptive feedback with functional carryover and assistance for your clients!  Thanks for taking class with me!  Look forward to hearing how it goes with your own clients =)
This is the kind of work I love to teach! The bar giving us placement feedback is such an awesome tool! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! What a gift!
Kimra You're so welcome!  Great that it's useful for your teaching and sessions! 
Can you share a link to buy the exact rod? Thanks
Loving your style of teaching Jared, it speaks so much to what I do and how I like to be curious with these smaller movements and to layer the movement too. Thanks so much for the ideas for using the dowel (which I was going to pass on to someone else as I hadn’t used them in ages). Much appreciation to you 🙏
Thank you Jared Kaplan . i did with broom stick. very mindful  movements!
Thanks so much Jared!  I really appreciate how this series entrains the proprioception and challenges where we think we are in space.  Especially important for home practice without eyes on us.  Really deep work neurologically!  I will be repeating this series until I absorb it well enough to guide my students through it as a therapist.  Genius!
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