Healthy Neck and Spine
Tom McCook
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Tom wonderful as always!!! Now teaching on zoom so this class is so “in the moment” stress and neck pain during Covid. Love this and will pass on to my classes 👌
As always clear and to the point.  Feel my face softened already.
Thank you Sharon & Cynthia! I'm very happy to be of service! Be well and continue to embody and share!
Super useful class. I give this explanation to my students and movement gets really easier.
amazing, loved this! 
If Tom McCook doesn’t do voiceovers, or read stories on sleep apps, he is missing a major opportunity! So soothing (& wise).
Thank you Nadezhda T, Kate L, and Laurel N! I really appreciate your support, inspiring feedback. Laurel, possibly in the next chapter of my life a little spoken word work! 😊 
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