Reformer Exploration
James Crader
Class 3990

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Love this!  Love the exploration of all of the spinal movement and the incorporation of following with eyes and how that informs the movement.  Sadly, I am watching on my PC at my desk.  Can't wait to try it though.  My body needs this! 
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Fabulous, fun, and inspiring class! Thank you so much, James! I love the exploration aspect.
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Yummy movement! I did your class in a day when I needed fluidity and creative movement. Thank you for reminding me to find playful exploration in the framework of the reformer. Feeling alive.
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That class was a breath of fresh air. Loved how you said, "make some decisions".  It made me realize that it's not about being right or wrong in your movement, but just move, and explore all possibilities..Thank you for re-inspiring me James and getting the creative juices flowing again. I look forward to watching mat class.
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James! You had me at mirrored neurons! I loved this class & related to it very much in terms of the exploration & choice aspect, specifically. My left side is much happier now (it has been crunching up & super tight these past two weeks.) I really appreciate your encouragement when it comes to allowing yourself to essentially 'let go' but with a perceptive & intentional inner eye (heart). It's a breath of fresh air to really get out of the strict components that often come with the work. As teacher's, I think it's especially necessary to step outside of the box that can so easily keep us stuck in old patterns, etc. Thank you for the reminder to play & have genuine intent behind the exploration. One day soon, I'll make it back to Sac for a visit & we will play. Many thanks for your willingness to share. 
Kimber McQueen Thank you!!! Let me know what ya think about it after you've had time to play with it. 
Nicole Thank you! 
Djamila Thank you! I'm glad we could collaborate together on such a good feeling session!! Ha!
Lissa You are so welcome! And thank you for watching, exploring, and taking the time to comment!
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Alex YES!!! To all this ... looking forward to your next visit to Sactown!
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