Foot Work Workout
Madeline Black
Class 403

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I learned so much and my feet feel great. It really helps to see the whole movement sequence of the foot on someone who can execute those moves so well. I would love some more tips on relaxing and lifting the patella in standing. I have a bit of trouble with this one, but can execute with legs relaxed, seated on floor. Thanks Madeline!
I will use this one on my next retreat. It creates awareness and makes for a great mid-week focus change. Thanks Kristi for mixing this into the challenge
Loved it - beautifully explained. Will have to find something similar to brocolli band here in South Africa. Thanks Madeline
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Thanks how interesting just watching I could feel my feet loving it! Can't wait to try it!
Would you use the band with clients with Arthritis? maybe with a less resistance in the band?
Thanks Pilates Anytime the best £12 a month I spend.
Monica Dare
I would use the band Monica. Maybe a light one, but the more movement the better typicaly.
Thank you Meredith, I love your explanations and cues, I will take this class at least twice a week, it's improved my life and practice immensely.
No trouble with video. Great class and as always learn so much from Madeline's classes. Keep them coming
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Madeline is an excellent teacher. I appreciate her imagery and the anatomical explanations. The feet are so important to overall alignment and I appreciate that she covers this in depth.
Maggie is using the MELT foot treatment technique developed by Sue Hitzmann.
I have 2 clients with foot issues (actually, probably all of them) and I want to thank you for some wonderful, easy to do on your own, exercises for the feet
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