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Hi John,

Thanks for all of your tech help!  You mentioned Music with Zoom and how to best do that: Use music while zooming.  Can you please explain how to do that the best?

Thank you again for all you are doing.

Teresa Julian
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Hi, John. I went to Amazon and looked up the microphone 'Pro Con Series 1' and was unsuccessful. Can you post the model here? Thank you, and thank you for these interviews. They are super helpful!
This was fabulous and informative! How do I incorporate music?
I would also like to know exactly how to incorporate music whilst teaching and using Zoom
Where are the links to resources? Thx.
Blossom  I'm using an online booking system but I like the sound of the one your using, can you tell me if the booking system sends the zoom link or do you add them separately to the booking? Thanks, Kelly 
Hi john! How can I find out about incorporating music?
Hi Genevieve Malcolm, the resources and links are below the webinars description. 
Hi Susan, you can learn more about sharing music through zoom with this blog post.
Hi John and Blossom, thank you so much for sharing all these insights and practical tips! I am teaching online since april and now about to make some improvements,: all your info is so usefull for this. Greetings from Amsterdam, Miett
I did not watch this live .. just re-watching... I am unable to access your resource links .... please help!? Thank you!
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